International Network

The CICA network exceeds the boundaries of the Region of Southern Denmark

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is a big part of the international partnership where experts across Europe contribute with relevant input to the centre activities. It is an important part of our activities to always stay updated on international research and technological advancements.

The members of the IAB are

  • Head of Department of Surgery, Claus Vinther, Odense University Hospital
  • Director of Innovation, Jacob Uffelmann,, Vejle
  • CEO Birger Endreseth, NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
  • Director Regina Beets-Tan, Radiology, National Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
  • Simon Bach, Head of Clinical Research unit, Birmingham University hospital

The international collaboration

The international collaboration is an important part of CICA’s activities and further development in terms of partnerships, consultation and mutual educational relationships. These are some of the international partners already associated with CICA:

  • Professor Cristiano Spada, Catholic University, Rome, Italy. Scientific co-workers, co-authors and co-supervisors
  • Dr. Ignacio Fernandez-Urien Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra, Pamplona Spain. Scientific co-workers, co-authors and co-supervisors
  • Professor Erwin Toth, Head of Endoscopy Unit, Department of Gastroenterology, University of Skåne, Malmø.
  • Professor Henrik Thorlacius Department of Surgery, Skåne University, Lund. Co-workers clinical trials and CCE development.
  • Mr. Neil Borley, Cheltenham District Hospital, Co-author and faculty member SATC center.
  • Dr. Cornelius Glismann and Dr. Hagen Wenzek, Corporate Health. Commercial partner, Capsule delivery and analyses.
  • CEO Europe Gaelle Flammang, Medtronic International. Clinical Trials and Sponsorship.
  • CEO Raphael Rabinovitz, Medtronic Israel, CCE developments. Capsule delivery and bowel preparation protocols.
  • Professor Dion Morton, Barling Chair of Surgery and Head of the Academic Department of Surgery, Birmingham University, UK. Currently he is Director of the West Midlands Genomic Medicine Centre (WMGMC) and adjunct professor at Vejle Hospital.
  • Joanne Boyle, Business engagement manager, Digital Health & Care Institute, Scotland, Glasgow.
  • Professor Alex Porteous, Research, Development and Innovation NIH Highlands Scotland. Capsule technology and clinical trial protocols.

To ensure that the activities in CICA adhere to international standards at all times and are state-of-the-art, we have established a formal collaboration with the British “SPECC National Development Programme” from the Pelican Cancer Foundation at Basingstoke University Hospital.