Research activities

CICA conducts multi-disciplinary clinical and technical research across several clinical fields with focus on Capsule Endoscopy also known as bowel investigations with camera pills.

The research in CICA focuses on building evidence for the implementation of capsule endoscopy for multiple bowel conditions across hospitals and general practice. Capsule endoscopy has the potential to become a strong and very relevant alternative to other bowel investigations.

CICA builds a strong bridge between clinical and technical researchers ensuring an innovative approach to the use of technology and software in daily clinical practice. The work packages presented on this page reflect the current plans for research. More research areas and studies will be added as the research activities evolve.

Camera Pill

Seven work packages

The research is organised in seven work packages to encompass all relevant activities:

A strong educational element

To ensure a strong educational element in all research areas in CICA, the work packages focus on the involvement of both senior and junior researchers and doctors.

A wide variety of scientific methods will be applied:

  • Clinical Trials
  • Prospective cohort studies
  • Technological inventions, software and hardware developments
  • Qualitative methods, interviews
  • Patient reported outcome measures
  • Registry based research
  • Medical Technology assessment and cost-efficiency
  • Good Clinical Practice
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